Indian Real Estate Trends for 2012


The real estate sector in India has made an impact with the people for quite some time now. In recent months, there has been noticeable development in the real estate front. Things are looking positive in the realty market as both property investors and property developers are coming out in numbers to revive the industry.

The real estate developers are working hard towards meeting the expectations of the NRI’s who return to India for settling down. They are taking into consideration their tastes and upgrading the trends for the year 2012 so as to cater to the needs of all the classes by creating global standards of living at an affordable pricing.

In almost all the markets, prices of residential real estate have appreciated in the last one year. Industry experts feel that the demand for residential units is likely to continue in the future as well. However, the investors should focus on buying houses close to a work place where the rental income will be high. This will also reduce the repayment burden.

There is a lot of uncertainty as one cannot predict short-term fluctuations in property prices, just as it is difficult to predict exchange rates or interest rates. But if the investor’s horizon is more than, say three years, it is a great time to invest in property. Many Tier I & II cities are seeing infrastructure creation and upgradation on the outskirts.

Although a real estate bubble is being observed globally, investment at today’s price and interest rate cannot be considered to calculate the risk correctly. Although all bubbles do burst you can safeguard your interests by thinking long-term and do some detailed research.