Owning your dream home is now a lot easier!

The new government’s focus on housing sector has given a fresh lease of life to the real estate sector, which has been struggling under high interest rates and economic slowdown. The Reserve Bank of India has announced a series of measures to encourage lending to the housing segment, which falls under the category of priority sector lending.

Banks now have an avenue for raising long term funds via the 7 years bond to finance affordable housing and infrastructure projects. Home loans of upto Rs. 50 lac for houses of value upto Rs 65 lac in Metros, and loans upto Rs. 40 lac for houses of value of Rs. 50 lac in other cities will now be considered as affordable housing. This will make it easier to get loans in this price range and also you will be entitled to a lower rate of interest. As per former State Bank of India chairman Pratip Chaudhari interest rates on new home loans might fall by 40-50 basis points (0.5 percent). A back-of-the-envelope calculations shows that a 50 basis point drop in interest rate on a Rs. 50 lakh loan for 20 years will bring down EMIs by over Rs. 1,700 per month. Additionally, the increase in interest tax deductibility on home loans from Rs. 1.5 lac to Rs. 2 lac and Rs. 2.5 lac to Rs. 3 lac for senior citizens reduces your tax bill.

Here is what our leaders had to say:


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Beyond building homes – Water Management


SARE Homes is committed to build a sustainable environment for its customers. Other than developing qualitative infrastructure and amenities as well as offering spacious homes and upgrading people’s lifestyle, the team at SARE Homes aspires to build a green and livable community.

The company supports Climate Change initiatives. It designs and develops its projects to promote energy efficiency and green building concepts proposed by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). SARE has adopted some of the latest eco-friendly technologies like rainwater harvesting, energy management, waste water management and material management.

Water shortage is an increasingly common concern among the masses and is heightened by a couple of factors like global warming and population increase. So our strategic approach to water management includes rainwater harvesting and waste water management. Both these techniques have helped us make optimum use of natural resources and save upto 50% on costing. This has also created an impact on our future developments and made our team and customers more responsible towards the environment at large.