The Joy of Community Living

Community Living
If we were to define the word ‘community’, we would call it a strong set of people who have come together to live a better, healthier, sustainable life. We think, it’s with a purpose that there’s a verbal tie between these words – common, communication and community. It’s the inherent need to communicate, share and belong that has led to the birth of the concept of ‘community living’.

The concept has evolved with time. What worked for the older generation, doesn’t fit in for the people of the 21st century. The modern-age families want an ideal mix of both private and social life.

We at SARE Homes understand the needs of modern families and our integrated townships are designed, keeping in mind this fine balance of privacy and socialization. Our attempt at building stronger communities is backed by a motive to upgrade the standard of living and advance their lifestyle, encouraging them to take a step towards a greener and healthier community.

There are a lot of positive aspects that have made the concept of ‘community living’ successful across the globe. One major advantage is resource sharing. All the families living in the township can take advantage of communal facilities like parks, community hall, club house, playgrounds and swimming pool. This helps them bond together and celebrate the little joys of life.

Even more, community living lets families explore different cultures, relive their tradition and seek delight in the cultural variety. People get excited about different festivals and look forward to celebrating them with neighbours. The concept in a way drives ‘unity in diversity’.

Not just that, having trusted neighbours provides a sense of support and security. People learn to co-operate with each other, praise core strengths, and extend a helping hand in bad times. Having someone beside the family, further enhances their happiness quotient.
Community living in true sense is ‘shared living’, offering a good quality of life amidst comfort and luxury.