Shape Children’s Personality With Sports!

In a technology driven world, children are often seen using computers, mobiles, tablets, etc. at a very early age and losing interest in sports. Kids are busy either playing games on these devices or surfing the internet.

Don’t you think that it directly impacts their overall health and growth?

Sports and physical education is important for every child’s overall development. It is not restricted to only physical exercise but also helps in enhancing their learning potential and psychological development. Physical education and sports work on holistic and early development of a child. Sports shape the complete personality of a child and make him/her an all-rounder. Following are a couple of benefits, which a child gets from sports:

  • Sports/physical education add values like respect for each other, honesty, discipline etc. and build team spirit and sportsmanship in a child.
  • It prepares a child for competition and teaches them to cope-up with both losing and winning.
  • It enhances social and moral development skills along with motor development skills.
  • A child who is actively involved in sports possesses a better physical health, and has better growth and development.

Many researchers have concluded that diseases like cancer, obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes etc. are common in individuals who were less active in their childhood. Hence, it would be right to say that children involved in sports activities are less prone to these diseases in the future. Many a times,children face a lot of stress, anxiety and depression. Sports help children in reducing these issues faced by them. It is also seen that a fit and an active child is mentally sharp and is capable of taking quick and wise decisions. Sports always play an important role in a child’s life. Various sports psychologists believe that sports not only contribute to a child’s physical health but also help him/her in maintaining their self-esteem. They consider themselves as a part of their peer group and are more confident in comparison to the children who are not active sports individuals. It also helps them in having better social skills. On the other hand, parents it is commonly seen, are more concerned about their child’s academic results. Sports helps a child in having good memorization skills and is focused towards his career. It is, thus, essential for every parent to encourage their children to actively participate in sports as it will help them bring out their personality with flying colors. In fact, a lot of companies are also actively contributing in this area.

SARE Homes has recently launched a Sports themed project called Olympia, which is designed with an objective to provide open spaces to children for playing and have a healthy living. So, let us nurture our future and help them in gaining best of their physical health and overall development.