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It’s a pleasant feeling to know that people want to retire at SARE Homes. They look forward to spending their retirement days, sharing quality time with their family members, breathing the purity of nature and enjoying the little luxuries offered at SARE townships.

Watch Mr. & Mrs. Sukumar, a retired couple share their story of being home at SARE Crescent ParC, OMR, Chennai and talk about their experience of residing in a thoughtfully designed township with modern facilities, environment-friendly amenities, power backup and round-the-clock security.

Watch them cherish their life after retirement at SARE Homes.

If you also want to live your silver years away from the hustle-bustle of the city life and tap into the abundance of nature, visit us here:


5 House Plants That Promote Positive Energy

If you’re still confused on which indoor plants to look out for your home, we bring you the top 5 most recommended house plants. These house plants don’t just improve the air quality, promote positive energy, but even add charm to your home interiors.

Whether you live in a grand villa or a high-end luxury apartment, these house plants will promote good health and scale up the green quotient of your home.

  1. Money Plant: Also known as Devil’s Ivy and Golden Pothos, the money plant is the most common of all the houseplants. These plants are abundantly available and grow very quickly. NASA had identified a number of plants that cleanse the impurities out of the air and the money plant was found to be one of them.


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  1. Tulsi or Holy Basil: Another common houseplant, Tulsi has mythological and religious significance for the Hindus. The plant is considered to be an incarnation of the Goddess Tulsi, offering divine protection. Commonly called sacred or holy basil, it is the principal herb of Ayurveda, the ancient traditional holistic health system of India. Keeping this holy basil plant at home improves vaastu, wards off evil spirit, brings good luck and prevents insects and mosquitoes from entering the house.


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  1. Bamboo Plant: A symbol of good luck, the bamboo plant is widely used in both homes and offices as it is considered to be a great Feng Shui element. It stands for solidarity and oneness in the family. Bamboo brings together all the five elements of Feng Shui, which are wood, earth, water, fire and metal. Even, the specific number of bamboo stalks play an important role, say, 3 stalks for happiness, 5 for health and 8 stalks for wealth and abundance.


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  1. Areca Palm: The spirited palm is readily available all over India. It’s not just easy to maintain as it needs watering once or twice in three days, but is also very effective in cleansing indoor air toxins.

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  1. Plumeria Plant: This will bring in colour to your patio with red, yellow and white plumeria flowers. Easy to grow, this plant needs a warm, well-lit spot in a home or garden with minimal care and attention. The flowers are widely used to make beautiful garlands.


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Bring in these beautiful yet energizing house plants and liven up your space in an eco-friendly way.

Give your home a summer makeover

Summer is here, so get ready to give your home a seasonal makeover. Dig out those sun-kissed cushions, nature-inspired decor and wall art to refreshen your space and celebrate summer’s true glory!

Here are some great ways to transform your abode for the summer season!

Walls: Breathe freshness into your summer home with vivid colors. Aqua blue, spring green, sunny yellow, earthy ochre are some of the great choices. Paint the focal wall in your room in these light, refreshing summer-inspired shades.


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Windows: Take down those layers on your windows and let in as much light as possible with sheer curtains. Floral prints combined with pastel-shades can add a great deal of summer charm.


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Wall art: This happens to be one of the easiest ways to brighten up your home. Simply look out for garden art or nature-friendly images, frame them up in natural wood frame and bring home the real spirit of the season.


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Accessories: First and foremost, de-clutter your rooms. Make your space breathable with indoor plants & natural furnishings. Choose furniture made from natural elements to bring warmth and depth to your personal space. Replace silk cushions with colorful cotton throw pillows or floral covers.


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Make your space a happier place to live in with these tips!

If you’ve any other suggestion, please feel free to drop us a comment. We will be happy to include it in our summer makeover tips. Stay cool!