Cleaning Tips for Diwali

5 Tips for Diwali Cleaning

A stunning display of fireworks, lights at every window, and sweets to tempt your taste buds – that’s Diwali! Every year, we look forward to this season when the whole family gets together to celebrate the Festival of Lights. But before we enjoy, there’s work to be done, and it starts with cleaning. Because a clean home is important to welcome the Goddess of Wealth.

Here are 5 tips for Diwali cleaning:

  1. Remove the clutter.

Before you start cleaning, get rid of the unwanted stuff lying around the house, and stow away things that aren’t needed during this season – this includes your wardrobe! Designate one part of your home to store these things so that it’s easier to dispose once you are done cleaning.

  1. Create a chore calendar.

Cleaning your entire home cannot be done in one day. Pace yourself and dedicate a day to each room or task. For instance, one day could be dedicated to cleaning only the kitchen. Another day could be dedicated to sorting out the clutter.

  1. Clean one room at a time.

It is easier and a lot less tiring, if you clean one room at a time. This also ensures that you don’t miss any corners. Dust the furniture, and do a deep cleaning of cabinets, especially ones with knick-knacks and curios. Don’t forget windows and the fridge!

  1. Air out mattresses and carpets.

Give your mattresses, carpets and cushions a time out. Dust them and air them out in the sun for a few hours to kill germs. Once this is done, you can put fresh sheets and covers on them.

  1. Turn up the volume.

Make your chores a lot more fun by playing some of your favourite tunes. The music helps create a cheerful mood and makes cleaning less stressful.

  1. Hire a professional.

If cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, there are a plenty of professional services that do the work within a day! So while they clean your home, you can sit back and relax or go on a shopping spree.

RBI Rate Cut to Boost Real Estate during Festive Season.

The recent RBI rate cut of 25 basis points was a welcome move for real estate developers as this change will lead to a boost in sales during the festive season. On the other hand, experts caution that this increase is only a minor improvement in homebuyer sentiment.

Does this mean that home loans will now be cheaper? If banks pass on the benefits of the rate cut to buyers only then home loan EMIs will get cheaper. Speaking on this change, Vineet Relia, Managing Director, SARE Homes says, “[This] will infuse confidence in the system, thereby providing a boost to not only the real estate sector, but the overall economy ahead of the festive season as well.”

With this move, home loan EMIs are likely to get lighter on the pocket and may help boost homebuyers’ confidence this festive season.

This is the second rate cut this year, and falling inflation is the main reason for the move. What are your thoughts about the rate cut?

Happy Customer #325

Come home to Ashberry Homes

Home is where we breathe pure air,

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Home is where we live a content & fulfilled life,

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– Mr. Manjeet Singh and Mrs. Primaljeet Kaur


Watch Mr. Manjeet Singh and Mrs. Primaljeet Kaur, the happy SARE community member talk about their search of a perfect home in Amritsar, and how Ashberry Homes lived upto every expectation, providing them with a beautiful home amidst green surroundings and a carefree environment for their kids to grow and make joyful childhood memories.

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NH-24 will improve real estate scenario

The much awaited work on NH-24 has begun, and it will act as a catalyst for realty demand and boost the property prices of residential projects along its stretch. It will improve connectivity and ease commuting for people living in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and other parts of NCR.

With better connectivity as well as shorter commuting time, the stretch along NH-24 will attract more real estate developers and investors. So far, poor connectivity and traffic jams and congestion have been some of the major concerns, leading to low buyer interest in residential projects coming up along NH24.

This project will improve quality of life and boost realty market in Ghaziabad and along NH24. It will also help decongest the expressway that connects Delhi and Meerut and provide a much-needed relief to office goers from Noida and Ghaziabad. The NH24 project is also expected to attract future investments in Ghaziabad and Noida and enhance the concept of community living.

The NH-24 Expressway may also emerge as a hub for affordable housing, benefitting the investors and end users alike.

‘Fundamentals strong but funding challenges remain’

Transparency in policies and clarity in regulations are needed to attract more funds into the Indian realty market and restore its credibility, says David Walker, MD of SARE Homes


South Asian Real Estate (better known as SARE Homes), a 100% FDI-funded group, believes that despite its cyclic ups and downs, the fundamentals of India’s housing market remain convincing. The company’s MD, David Walker, speaks to Housing News.

Q: To what extent, is the funding gap affecting the execution and timely delivery of projects in the Indian realty market?

A: The real estate and construction industry, are capital-intensive. So, availability of adequate funding, is critical for success. In the residential segment, the funding generally comes from customers, according to a construction-linked plan. When the market is weak, it leads to irregularity in the inflow of funds from customers, which, in turn, affects construction and delays the completion of projects. To tide over such periods, it is important to have adequate long-term funding for the project, to ensure smooth implementation.

Q: Don’t you think that the volatility of the Indian rupee and reports of price corrections, will deter investments into Indian real estate?

A: While the Indian currency has weakened over the last few years, it has been much more stable, since Raghuram Rajan took over as the RBI Governor, in September 2013. Prices of high-end and luxury homes have weakened over the last few years. However, the fall has been less, in the middle-income housing segment, where the margins are much lower. A weak rupee and the fall in the price of houses, presents an ideal investment opportunity for buyers, to take advantage of price appreciation over the next three to five years.

Q: What, according to you, is the ideal funding formula in Indian realty?

A: Generally, equity capital is used to finance land acquisition and the cost of construction is met, from milestone-linked payments from customers. It is also important to supplement this, with finance from banks, to ensure that construction progresses smoothly, even if there are any interruptions in the inflow of funds from customers.

Q: Are foreign funds still interested in the Indian real estate?

A: The fundamentals of the Indian real estate sector, make it attractive to foreign funds. However, this is offset by India’s low ‘ease of doing business’ ranking. The government has made it a priority to improve this ranking, which will make the Indian real estate market more attractive. The government’s target, of developing 100 smart cities, will also require huge funding, which will automatically involve foreign investors.

Q: Many international investors and private equity funds have burnt their fingers in the Indian real estate market. Do you think a better regulatory framework will change their outlook in the future?

A: A better regulatory framework is anyway required, to streamline processes and infuse a sense of security among investors. Also, better clarity in realty norms, will attract foreign funds.

Q: To what extent is investment in the sector being affected, by lack of proper regulation and taxation?

A: Developed countries have transparent policies and clarity in regulations, along with adequate infrastructure. A secure regulatory environment, will encourage capital inflows into the country and bring credibility to the sector.

Q: How can foreign funds and clean money help the end-users?

A: Adequate flow of funds helps in timely execution, thereby, leading to timely delivery of projects. Moreover, end-users prefer reputed developers, to avoid the risk of losing their money. The presence of foreign investors, also helps to bring in good practices, credibility and transparency, which are appreciated by customers.

SARE Homes: Our Happy Customer

It’s a pleasant feeling to know that people want to retire at SARE Homes. They look forward to spending their retirement days, sharing quality time with their family members, breathing the purity of nature and enjoying the little luxuries offered at SARE townships.

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5 House Plants That Promote Positive Energy

If you’re still confused on which indoor plants to look out for your home, we bring you the top 5 most recommended house plants. These house plants don’t just improve the air quality, promote positive energy, but even add charm to your home interiors.

Whether you live in a grand villa or a high-end luxury apartment, these house plants will promote good health and scale up the green quotient of your home.

  1. Money Plant: Also known as Devil’s Ivy and Golden Pothos, the money plant is the most common of all the houseplants. These plants are abundantly available and grow very quickly. NASA had identified a number of plants that cleanse the impurities out of the air and the money plant was found to be one of them.


Image courtesy:

  1. Tulsi or Holy Basil: Another common houseplant, Tulsi has mythological and religious significance for the Hindus. The plant is considered to be an incarnation of the Goddess Tulsi, offering divine protection. Commonly called sacred or holy basil, it is the principal herb of Ayurveda, the ancient traditional holistic health system of India. Keeping this holy basil plant at home improves vaastu, wards off evil spirit, brings good luck and prevents insects and mosquitoes from entering the house.


Image courtesy:

  1. Bamboo Plant: A symbol of good luck, the bamboo plant is widely used in both homes and offices as it is considered to be a great Feng Shui element. It stands for solidarity and oneness in the family. Bamboo brings together all the five elements of Feng Shui, which are wood, earth, water, fire and metal. Even, the specific number of bamboo stalks play an important role, say, 3 stalks for happiness, 5 for health and 8 stalks for wealth and abundance.


Image courtesy:

  1. Areca Palm: The spirited palm is readily available all over India. It’s not just easy to maintain as it needs watering once or twice in three days, but is also very effective in cleansing indoor air toxins.

Areca Palm_2 (Copy)-560x437

Image courtesy:

  1. Plumeria Plant: This will bring in colour to your patio with red, yellow and white plumeria flowers. Easy to grow, this plant needs a warm, well-lit spot in a home or garden with minimal care and attention. The flowers are widely used to make beautiful garlands.


Image courtesy:

Bring in these beautiful yet energizing house plants and liven up your space in an eco-friendly way.

Give your home a summer makeover

Summer is here, so get ready to give your home a seasonal makeover. Dig out those sun-kissed cushions, nature-inspired decor and wall art to refreshen your space and celebrate summer’s true glory!

Here are some great ways to transform your abode for the summer season!

Walls: Breathe freshness into your summer home with vivid colors. Aqua blue, spring green, sunny yellow, earthy ochre are some of the great choices. Paint the focal wall in your room in these light, refreshing summer-inspired shades.


Image Courtesy –

Windows: Take down those layers on your windows and let in as much light as possible with sheer curtains. Floral prints combined with pastel-shades can add a great deal of summer charm.


Image Courtesy –

Wall art: This happens to be one of the easiest ways to brighten up your home. Simply look out for garden art or nature-friendly images, frame them up in natural wood frame and bring home the real spirit of the season.


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Accessories: First and foremost, de-clutter your rooms. Make your space breathable with indoor plants & natural furnishings. Choose furniture made from natural elements to bring warmth and depth to your personal space. Replace silk cushions with colorful cotton throw pillows or floral covers.


Image Courtesy –

Make your space a happier place to live in with these tips!

If you’ve any other suggestion, please feel free to drop us a comment. We will be happy to include it in our summer makeover tips. Stay cool!

SARE Homes won ‘Excellence in Mixed Residential Development’ Award at the 3rd NDTV Property Awards

SARE Homes, India’s premier FDI-funded developer was felicitated with the award for ‘Excellence in Mixed Residential Development’ across India at the 3rd NDTV Property Awards held recently at Bangalore. The award was presented by Shri Babul Supriyo, Minister of State for Urban Development and Housing, Govt. of India.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vineet Relia, Managing Director, SARE Homes said, “It is indeed a proud moment for SARE Homes. Being recognized on a prominent and credible platform as NDTV, cements our position as a real estate leader across a range of residential segments.”

NDTV Property Awards, which is into its third year, has developed as the most credible benchmark for the industry. The awardees were chosen after a rigorous selection of developers from across India. With this ceremony, NDTV celebrates the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. The award function was attended by eminent personalities from the sector, research intelligence and the media fraternity.

In the last one year, SARE Homes has emerged as a star performer in the Indian realty sector. The company has been bestowed with notable recognitions such as the ‘Best Residential Developer in NCR and Chennai’ by the country’s leading industry chamber – ASSOCHAM; ‘Best Emerging Developer’ – NDTV Property Awards; Most Promising Developer with an FDI-model’ – CNBC Awards; ‘Developer of the Year – Northern Region’ – Franchise India Estate Awards; and the ‘Residential Property of the Year’ awarded by ABP News. National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) – an apex industry body has recognized SARE Homes as a brand synonymous with the timely delivery of projects with their ‘On Time Project Delivery Award’.

Selective relief for affordable housing, but big picture missed yet again: David Walker, SARE Homes

The real estate sector’s expectations of being accorded Industry and Infrastructure have been belied yet again.

Union Budget 2016-17 is a mixed bag for the real estate sector. Plans to meet the fiscal deficit target are a good move, since this will leave more headroom for the RBI to opt for a reduction in lending rates during upcoming rate review cycles. The additional exemption of Rs. 50,000 for housing loans up to Rs. 35 lakh – provided the house cost doesn’t exceed Rs. 50 lakh – is a welcome move too. Also, eliminating service tax for houses built in less than 60 square meters under Central or State Government schemes, including PPP schemes, will boost the affordable housing segment. Excise duty exemption on ready-mix concrete used in construction sites will also benefit the construction industry.

The Finance Minister’s proposal that any distribution out of SPV income to REITs and INVITs with specified shareholding not being subject to Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) will spur investments in REITs, which had not happened till date since DDT was acting as a major deterrent for investors.

Nevertheless, other small and big measures that could have helped spur a revival in the real estate sector have been completely overlooked. To begin with, a change in income tax slabs was expected, which would have benefitted common citizens. Such a measure would have put more money in the hands of people, making it easier for them to purchase a property of their choice. Coming to the macro picture, the real estate sector’s expectations of being accorded Industry and Infrastructure have been belied yet again. Moreover, no attempt has been made to move towards single-window clearance. Furthermore, some cues were expected about firm action being taken to expedite GST Bill, but there was no mention whatsoever of this important legislation that has been pending for long.